Proposed Law Could Put Criminally Insane Males In Women’s Prisons

File this one under Justice For Women!

A proposed law in New York could allow mentally ill male inmates to assume a non-male identity and be granted access to women’s prisons, according to a women’s advocacy group.

Yesterday, the New York Senate added an amendment to Senate Bill 2860, euphemistically called the “gender identity respect, dignity and safety act,” that would allow male prisoners to be placed in a correctional facility or other institution that matches their self-determined “gender identity.” According to the women’s advocacy group, these “other institutions” added to the bill likely include psychiatric facilities for the criminally insane and possibly high-risk sex offenders.
Senate Bill 2860 would allow anyone who “self-identifies” as not just transgender, but even “gender nonconforming,” “nonbinary” or as having an intersex condition, to “presumptively” be placed in a facility that houses the opposite sex. According to the bill, inmates are not required to demonstrate or provide documentation that their “gender identity” existed prior to incarceration, and their records are permitted to be kept confidential.