Motherhood Is An Act Of Self-giving That Creates Space For Another

Matrescence: Debunking the Bounce-Back Culture

Wyspiański, Stanisław (1869-1907) (malarz); Macierzyństwo, portret żony artysty Teofili z synem Stasiem; 1902

An excellent celebration of motherhood by Grace Babineau

[M]otherhood is an act of self-giving that creates space for another. The loss of self that mothers feel is indeed the foundation of new life. Yet pregnancy is often painted as an illness from which women need to recover or “bounce back,” a change that can never truly be accomplished after recognizing what we now know from science. How easy it is to see a woman’s body as depleted of strength, sleep, and superficial beauty after giving birth. What mothers so often fail to recognize is that their bodies have been poured out into another human being and subsequently made more beautiful through sacrifice.


Celebrate Motherhood