Lost in Transnation

The discussion between Jordan Peterson and Miriam Grossman MD, titled “Gender Insanity and Parental Trauma,” focuses on the complexities and controversies surrounding the transgender movement, particularly its impact on individuals transitioning, their parents, and families. They delve into the grief and trauma experienced not only by those undergoing gender transition but also by their families, especially when societal pressures demand unconditional affirmation of gender identity changes.

The conversation highlights the historical roots of gender ideology, criticizing the work of Dr. John Money and his controversial experiments, which laid the foundation for current gender identity theories. Theories which have no basis in reality.

Miriam Grossman, a physician, author, and public speaker, shares her early concerns about gender ideology and its inclusion in sex education, predating widespread public awareness. She discusses her observations of the harmful effects of teaching children that gender is a psychological concept separate from biological sex, emphasizing the confusion and destabilization this can cause.

Grossman and Peterson critique the notion that increasing choices in gender identity leads to freedom, arguing instead that it can result in anxiety and psychological distress, particularly among young people. They express concern over the rapid increase in depression and anxiety rates, especially among young women, attributing part of this trend to the pressures and confusions associated with gender identity exploration.

Watching this discussion will take some time, but it will be worth. You’ll be more informed about this issue. And that’s a very good thing.


Detransitioner Suing the American Academy of Pediatrics

Isabella Ayala, a 20-year-old from Florida, recently initiated a lawsuit against the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and her healthcare providers, accusing them of civil conspiracy, fraud, and medical malpractice. Her case, notable for being the first to name the AAP, alleges the organization disseminated misleading information about treating gender-confused children.

Ayala’s journey into gender transition began at 14, amidst mental health challenges and social isolation. She was quickly recommended testosterone injections after a single meeting with a doctor.

This decision, she claims, was made under misrepresented information and undue pressure. The consequences have been severe, including physical pain, mental health struggles, and autoimmune disease, leading her to stop testosterone treatment abruptly in 2020.

Her lawsuit questions the AAP’s “gender-affirming” care model and its implications on young patients like herself.

More details about her story here.

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Being Excluded From Your Own Body (repost)

Originally posted March 22, 2022

Here is a 2018 YouTube video (approx 17 minutes) of Professor Michele Moore (Univ of Essex), editor and chief of Disability & Society, a peer-reviewed academic journal in the field of disability studies.

Moore has been a warrior for children and young people yet has been harshly denounced for disagreeing with Gender Identity activists who claim that self-identified “transkids” are always right and should always be “affirmed” in their belief that they are Transgender.

She touches on several topics discussed by this blog.

  • Rapid Onset Gender-Dysphoria (ROGD) – teenagers (mostly girls) suddenly identifying with G-D
  • Social Contagion – teens identifying as trans in “friendship groups” offline and online
  • Schools Deceiving Parents About Social Transition
  • Social Services removing children from “non-affirming” parents.
  • 4,500 percent increase in girls identifying as transgender over last decade in UK
  • “Conversion Therapy” Deception
  • 2/3 of Self-ID “trans” teenagers previously identified with mental health disorders
  • 35% of children referred to UK Tavistock Gender Clinic are on autistic spectrum
  • 80% desistance rate once they go through puberty using “watchful waiting”
  • Normalizing dissociation from your natural body
  • Lifelong Medicalization of Identity
  • New kind of Homophobia
  • Experimentation on the bodies of our children
  • No child born in the wrong body
  • Self-ID of gender is illusory

This is about inclusion. Listen….

Here are some of her final words in the video….

I argue that self identity is brought on by the things people say.  A backdrop of media, the internet, the increasing role of trans affirmative ideas in schools for children that affect our teachers and the parents....uncritical medical practice is recycling the idea that the cause of misaligned gender resides in the body.  Even though medical interventions bring lifelong physical and psychological difficulties that will actually deepen gender-based dissatisfaction and never actually change a person's biological sex....

It's not coincidental that children's interests are being undermined by the idea of self-identification.  There are a lot of stakeholders including Big Pharma who want them to identify as transgender and who don't want anybody to ask any sensible questions.  Very conveniently puberty blockers and hormone therapy compounds gender confusion.  First the child misses out on the puberty of their peers.  Next an already confused girl has a vagina and a beard.  The only way forward is more treatment, more treatment.  Allegedly to relieve gender-dysphoria.  

But the DeTransitioners that I'm working with and the people who regret transitioning tell us that gender-dysphoria doesn't go away with medical intervention because the problem doesn't reside in the body.  

My critique is not about exclusion.  It's about inclusion.  It's about allowing every girl to live her own kind of femininity without being excluded from her own body and without being excluded from a female sex class.  And it's about inclusion so that any boy wants to wear pink dresses to school can do that and not be excluded from his own body.  And his own sex class.  

The idea that children are born in the wrong body, that gender is biological and sex isn't, and that children should be allowed to self-identify their sex and their gender, functions as a tool for adult self interest.  Children are being confused in terrible ways...

Professor Moore puts her career and reputation on the line by saying what she says. She has “nerves of steel.”

Gender Ideologues animated by Queer Theory want to abolish the concepts of sex and sexuality. And they want to start teaching this to our kids at the earliest possible age. Please refer to the following “category” of posts: Schools and Gender Ideology for more information.

You can read about Queer Theory in the previous post: The New Homophobia, LGBTQ Activism & Queer Theory.


As a Classic Christian I encourage everyone to “Embrace, Don’t Affirm.”

Individuals with a Gender Identity Disorder (Gender-Dysphoria) need Truth-filled Love. Please read this post for more details.

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