Beacon Heights – Morning Prayer

For the last umpteen years I’ve attended Church where personal confession comes early in the service. Then later the ‘Our Father’ is recited.

That gets it just right.

We all fall short of our own expectations, much less God’s. But always remember, our God is a Loving Father who desires mature, flourishing human beings.

C.S. Lewis once quoted a favorite writer, George MacDonald, who wrote this about our Heavenly Father:

Easy to Please and Hard to Satisfy

That no keeping but a perfect one will satisfy God, I hold with all my heart and strength; but that there is none else He cares for, is one of the lies of the enemy. What father is not pleased with the first tottering attempt of his little one to walk? What father would be satisfied with anything but the manly step of the full-grown son?

That gets it just right!

30 Day Morning Prayer Challenge.

Would you join me in a 30 day morning prayer?

Find a quiet place each morning. A candle helps. I have such a place. I’m fortunate to have the sun rise directly behind my house and beyond two sliding glass doors. It’s your typical Mountain View home, which conveniently forms a Cross.

Here is a picture.

(The electrician was not particular about light-switch placement! But most importantly, the cross is centered & central.)

Morning Prayer

I have there a few ‘heirlooms’. Two sock puppets “Chemo-Socky” & “Chemo-Snoopy” that Susan took to every treatment session. A few items from her Funeral Mass, most notably, a Crucifix. Also her rosary.

I call it my “Susie-Shrine”.

You may not have a place quite like this. But you have a place. Go there for the next 30 days, each morning, before the house begins to bustle. And run the video below: Beacon Heights – Morning Prayer – Sunrise Service.


First kneel.

As the music plays and the sun rises slowly in the distance, thank God for light, & warmth & created beauty. About 30 seconds into the video we’ll confess by reciting ‘The Jesus Prayer.’ It’s a short prayer our family members from The Orthodox Church often use.


After another 30 seconds we begin the ‘Our Father.’

Recite with me.

Again, give thanks. And, perhaps, make quick intercessory prayer for a few of those you love. Of course, feel free to pray for other things as well.

Then start your day.


Beacon Heights – Morning Prayer – Sunrise Service


It takes 60-90 days to form a ‘second-nature habit.’ Maybe, by God’s grace, even sooner.

God’s blessings as we pray together.

(Please let me know your progress. email:

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