GAC Pioneer Says Stop!

“Gender-Affirming Care Is Dangerous. I Know Because I Helped Pioneer It.”

Dr. Riitakerttu Kaltiala

In today’s Gender News I encourage you to read a compelling narrative from Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, a seasoned psychiatrist from Finland who pioneered Gender Affirming Care (GAC) for minors in her homeland.

She recounts her journey, initially filled with hope but now shrouded in worry.

Imagine setting out to build a bridge to connect isolated islands, only to discover the blueprint might be flawed, potentially endangering lives. Dr. Kaltiala’s tale mirrors this analogy as she reflects on the unforeseen repercussions of GAC, especially on youth, who unlike a completed bridge, are still in the process of formation.

Dr. Kaltiala’s eye-opening experiences, urges a re-evaluation of the current GAC protocols for minors, an initiative once thought by some to be a sturdy bridge towards self-identity and acceptance, but now under scrutiny.

There is a widening call in Europe for a pause and re-assessment of the prevailing practices of gender transition among minors.

You’ll find her story here.

Read the whole thing.

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In the eye of a gathering storm surrounding the treatment of young individuals grappling with gender dysphoria, Dr. Jillian Spencer and Dr. Dylan Wilson emerge as vociferous critics of the prevailing affirmation model. Dr. Spencer, once a part of the Queensland Children’s Hospital, faced suspension for questioning the rapid categorization of children as transgender without delving into potential underlying issues. She warns against the irreversible repercussions of hastily prescribed hormone treatments. Dr. Wilson amplifies these concerns, criticizing what he perceives as a medical scandal. He advocates for a more comprehensive approach to understanding the distress experienced by these young individuals, dismissing claims that transition treatments invariably reduce suicide risks. Both medical professionals underscore a pressing need for a paradigm shift in the treatment of gender dysphoria, urging a more cautious, well-rounded approach to prevent potential future regrets and health complications.

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