GirlGuiding Scandal & Cultural Insanity

The Girlguiding Association in the U.K. is what we in the U.S. call the Girl Scouts. It is the largest girls only organization in the U.K. Girls ages 5-14 participate.

Last month police in the U.K. brought in a women for questioning. Why? Because the police were forwarded an email (presumably from Girlguiding) written by her where she “expressed concern” over a “Transwoman” Guide-Leader. The local police questioned the writer “under caution” to find out if a “hate speech” charge against her was appropriate under the “malicious communication’s act.”

Here are two pictures posted by a Guide-Leader named Monica Sulley on Sulley’s social media page. Pictures that prompted some parents to raise concerns. For those concerns one of them was questioned by the police.

Campaigners delved into Monica Sulley's background and unearthed a picture on her Instagram page showing her in a black bondage-style short dress with high heels and wielding a whip
Guide-Leader Monica Sulley dressed in Fetish gear
Guide-Leader Sulley with fake assault rifle

A more detailed news story on this can be found at the U.K. Dailymail.


Watch the video below for very important context. I’ve provided minute:second markers to help.

Notable sections in the video

(6:20). “One of the basic rules of safeguarding (our children) and something we saw with the Catholic Church….” Please pay close attention to the “sacred class, a class that cannot be questioned” statement.

(11:46). “People need to start getting angry, because these are fundamental human rights we are letting slip away. Our police appear to be out of control.”

(12:29). “I was piqued, I became an activist after what the NSPCC (U.K. children’s charity) did back in 2019, when an employee of theirs dressed in some sort of rubber fetish gear masturbated at work, filmed it and provided a link to the video on his LinkedIn profile. And various people raised concern that this was happening in the offices of a children’s charity. In defense of their employee the NSPCC tweeted ‘anyone who comes at us with this homophobic nonsense we will report you.'”

(14:35). Comments about misgendering. Which can get you arrested these days in the U.K. and other Western countries.


  • Stonewall = LGBTQ+ rights organization in U.K.
  • Self-ID = Simply say you are a preferred gender and you will be treated as such. “A slight of hand that swaps sex for gender.” (see 1:23 of video for details)
  • Misgendering = referring to someone with the wrong preferred pronoun


Is this the world we want to live in? We better come up with some answers quick. Things are moving swiftly.