Christian “Hate Crimes?”

Upcoming posts will discuss the current move in Europe and beyond to criminalize a form of Christian Therapy that Evangelical Christians have employed.

But first this unseemly development on the Religious Freedom front.

A Finnish prosecutor has charged two Christians with hate crimes for publicly expressing their Christian beliefs about sex and marriage. One member of parliament and a bishop of the Lutheran church found themselves in a Finnish hate crime crosshair. A government minister (MP) recently raised hate crime suspicions by tweeting a negative opinion of her Church’s leadership because of their intent to sponsor a Pride Parade.

For that expression of her deeply held beliefs (that many Christians may oppose) and some previous statements by her from years ago, she has been charged with a hate crime.

Hard to believe. But here are the details. By the way, the interviewer in the video below says he is baffled by this even though he is a gay Catholic. You should be too.


Again, many Christians may disagree with the MP and the Lutheran Bishop but surely we can agree that this shouldn’t be a prosecutable offense.

Is this the world we want to live in?

You can find more information about this story here. (The usual link disclaimer applies. 1Links from this blog to online resources don’t necessarily mean I support everything found on these sites. But as adults we should embrace viewpoint diversity. And make alliances where we can.)