The Pro-Pedophile Inventor of “Gender”

A follow up post from my last one. And another article from the pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding news site, REDUXX. [Read the whole thing! The usual link disclaimer applies. 1Links from this blog to online resources don’t necessarily mean I support everything found on these sites. But as adults we should embrace viewpoint diversity. And make alliances where we can.]

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John Money

I’ve known about John Money of Johns Hopkins University for some time now. Money is one of Freud and Kinsey’s leading successors.

Money, a sexologist and psychologist is considered the first to use the terms “gender identity” and “gender role.” In his clinical research Money described the “internal experience of sexuality” and the “social expectations of male and female behavior” respectively.

Money was on record as a hater of Judeo-Christian “repressive religious structures…[and their] anti-masturbatory, anti-sexual fervor.”

Here’s what he had to say about Pedophilia.

“If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who’s intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way.”

Follow this link to a United States Court of Appeals Amicus Brief where Money’s accepting-affirming attitude toward pedophiliacs is documented in court.

The whole brief illuminates the history of our current cultural crisis, a crisis that creates a thick wall of separation between biological sex & gender. And pulls down any suggestion of a Male/Female binary by promoting the concept of “gender-fluidity.” The leading lights promoting this crisis assert in so many words that “inner conviction” trumps biological reality.

As a Christian, I’m compelled to say, this disintegration of human personhood with its body-denying philosophy will not end well. God our Creator will not be mocked.

Read the brief. If you have the time.

If not. Scroll down to page 15 of the Amicus Brief and you will see the following footnote “55”.

In an interview published in Paidika, an international journal for those advocating for pedophilia, Dr. Money said that adult sex with children is normal and often beneficial and said, “regarding paedophilia [sic] that I would never report anybody.” An Interview with John Money, PAIDIKA: THE JOURNAL OF PAEDOPHILIA 12 (Spring 1991).

When Money says he wouldn’t “report anybody” he means report to the police any patient engaged in an unlawful but consensual adult-child sexual relationship.

More details about Money’s legacy at REDUXX. [You should read the whole thing.]

As a culture, if we think biology is irrelevant, in this case puberty, and that only internal desires matter, then how can we say Dr. Money is wrong?

Today’s stigma-free ethic toward gender-fluidity affirms a child’s desire to “transition” at decreasingly younger ages. So as to become their “authentic self” sooner. A self free from the “dictates” of biology and the unwanted changes of puberty. (Pharmaceutical puberty blockers to the rescue!) Many top flight professionals in a variety of disciplines coach us to acknowledge and promote those “authenticating” body-denying desires.

For now, we draw the ethical line at pedophilia. For now.

I know that the vast majority of those who promote our current cultural crisis would never imagine crossing the ethical line just mentioned. But, for me, their body-denying logic leads in that direction.

Is this the world we want to live in? We better come up with some answers quick. Things are moving swiftly.