Destigmatize Pedophilia?

This one is a must see. From the Feminist News and Child Safeguarding site REDUXX we learn of a published paper in the American Psychological Association’s peer reviewed Journal of Stigma and Health. The findings of the study? Destigmatize pedophilia.

The paper is titled Journalism and Pedophilia: Background on the Media Coverage of a Stigmatized Minority.

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The researchers write that…

“society can and should create a social environment in which minor-attracted persons can accept their sexual interest without fear of disadvantages.”

Because those “sexual interests” are immutable, so we are told, the best course of action will accept pedophilia as a “sexual preference” and call pedophiles “minor-attracted people.” This will avoid unjustified “negative [and] punitive attitudes.”

If not, those negative social attitudes will add…

“to the development of a sexual preference disorder (which is a sexual preference for children accompanied by psychological distress and/or risk for direct and indirect sexual behavior against children) and increases their risk of becoming offenders.

Which is to say pedophiles, sorry, minor-attracted persons, may become child sex abusers if society continues to stigmatize their sexual preference.

Got it?

How about we try this instead.

For non-offending pedophiles who are interested in being healed instead of being accepted we point them toward a long series of therapy sessions with both a trained therapist and a Rabbi, Priest, or Pastor who will lovingly, prayerfully, assist them in changing their unconscionable sexual preference for little boys or little girls.

Some might call this “conversion therapy.” I call it loving your neighbors. Old and young.

As a culture, if we think biology is irrelevant, in this case puberty, and that only internal desires matter, then how can we say these academics are wrong?

Today’s stigma-free ethic toward gender-fluidity affirms a child’s desire to “transition” at decreasingly younger ages. So as to become their “authentic self” sooner. A self free from the ”dictates” of biology. And the unwanted changes of puberty. (Pharmaceutical puberty blockers to the rescue!) Many top flight professionals in a variety of disciplines coach us to acknowledge and promote those “authenticating” body-denying desires.

For now, we still draw the ethical line at pedophilia. For now.

I know that the vast majority of those who promote our current cultural crisis would never imagine crossing the ethical line just mentioned. But, for me, their body-denying logic leads in that direction.

Is this the world we want to live in? We better come up with some answers quick. Things are moving swiftly.

I’m a Classic Christian and regard Gender Ideology as anti-creational to the core. This blog is about “God’s Good Creation.” That’s why I’m writing about Gender Ideology. And “speaking up” as I’m confident Jesus would.

"Have you not read that the one who made them at the beginning 'made them male and female.'" [Matt 19:4]