Transgender Clinic Whistleblower Speaks Out

Marcus Evans is a Psychoanalyst in private practice and formerly served as Consultant Psychotherapist and Associate Clinical Director of Adult and Adolescent Service at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust for 20 years.

He came to see that the management of the Trust was politicized. He began to think “that the political tail was wagging the clinical dog.”

He supported Keira Bell and wrote about his thoughts on this important case. Well. For his efforts, Twitter locked his account. And Facebook shut him down.

Here’s a long form interview on YouTube with someone who saw what was happening on the inside of the UK Health System. And said something about it. Very informative about the history of the Trans phenomenon in the UK.

GIDS (Gender Identity Development Service)
Mermaids (UK Charity and advocacy organization that supports gender variant and transgender youth.)