A Corporate Case To Support Adoption, Not Abortion

Made by Peter Rex, Founder and CEO, of REX (which builds and invests in tech companies). He just wrote an opinion piece at Newsweek.com

Corporate America is fully on board the abortion bandwagon. In the wake of the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wadedozens of the country's biggest businesses announced plans to pay for employees to travel to obtain abortions. From Amazon to Bank of America to the New York Times and beyond, these companies are not only offering thousands of dollars or extra health insurance coverage to their team members, they're also picking sides in the abortion debate.

Yet why is there no corresponding policy to promote adoption? These businesses are ignoring the possibility that many employees may simply need a little more help to carry their baby to term. Instead of blindly paying people to end an unborn child's life, companies should consider paying them to welcome that life into the world. That's why my business has decided to give up to $7,500 to employees who want to have their baby and give it up for adoption. We're not alone—a Texas-based insurance company, Buffer, is also paying for adoptions as well as covering the full costs of birth for employees who keep their children.

Source:  Newsweek.com

Rex explains his motivation and makes his case for A Culture of Life. Maybe you might agree.

Companies Should Support Adoption, Not Abortion 

Peter Rex

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