Thousands of Damaged Children

Eighteen years ago, Susan Evans blew the whistle on the NHS’s only gender identity service for young people at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

Alarm bells had started ringing for the nurse when she realised colleagues had referred a distressed 16-year-old boy who thought of himself as female for hormone treatment after only four appointments.

She saw a service that was under “tremendous pressure” from trans campaign groups such as Mermaids and she was alienated by other staff members for questioning the medicalisation of young people.

Her complaints prompted an internal inquiry in 2004, but nothing changed, Ms Evans said, and felt she had no option but to walk away for her own mental health.

In the 18 years that followed, as more than 20,000 children were referred, history repeated itself.

UK Telegraph

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Susan and Marcus Evans, resigned from Tavistock Clinic because it gave puberty blockers at such a young age

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