Genderizing Title IX in US Schools

Yearwood Crushing the Competition in “Her” First HS Race Against Females

Lawyer Candice Jackson has written a great piece for Genspect about how the U.S. government now interprets Title IX to cover ‘gender identity discrimination” side by side with sex discrimination.

She covers the fact that, “No, Trans Is Not Gay 2.0”. And many other important matters.

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Genderism inspires believers to seek a spiritual cure for the ills of ordinary human experience, by subscribing to a secularized gnostic dualism. “Born in the wrong body” and “becoming your authentic self” (at the low, low price of a lifetime of reality denial and extreme body modification) entice particularly vulnerable people to view any bodily or social discomfiture as a sign of having a “gender soul” that, when discovered and concretized through social and medical “transition,” represents a beautiful spiritual journey of self-actualization and esoteric wisdom. And because this blatantly spiritual, faith-based doctrine (pushed in a rather cultish manner by true believers) is buried under layers of pseudoscience and imitation civil rights, government officials and politicians reap the emotional benefit of feeling they are enabling the liberation of a “downtrodden minority” group. (There is no minority, and there is no group, of course, since literally anyone and everyone can claim a “gender identity” to take advantage of any of the legal and social privileges granted based on identity. This is reflected in the skyrocketing numbers of youth “identifying as LGBTQ.”)

Gender identity ideology’s historically unique capture of US law (which normally prides itself on rationality and on separation of church and state) is due to this tripartite appeal: no decent person wants to feel they are “denying the science,” nor that they are “anti-civil rights,” nor that they are judgmentally oppressing anyone’s “individual expression of their true self.” This seductive combination is allowing a functional (pseudo)religion to become ensconced in laws like Title IX. And predictably, when a government trades liberal, Enlightenment rationality for dogged pursuit of pop-culture spiritual tenets, it is women, children, and homosexuals who suffer the greatest material harms.

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