Gender Theory In Schools

Hard to believe, but true.

“School desk &chair” by wata1219 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been interviewing teachers and parents of schoolchildren caught up in the ongoing transgender social contagion that is an open secret visible to all teachers and parents in certain Blue enclaves, for a long feature I’ll be producing in the nearish future. I spoke to multiple parents who reported that between 20 percent and 50 percent all the girls in their children’s middle or high school classrooms identify as trans or non-binary. I’ve found that every state, municipality, district, and individual school is its own distinctive gender ecosystem with its own unique way of manifesting and dealing with the contagion — for instance, 21 states have policies requiring teachers to assign new names and pronouns to trans-identifying students without parental notice or consent — but that the new gender doctrines, which spread through online communities and influencers, and increasingly through formal instruction within the schools themselves, are omnipresent in the lives of virtually all young people, exerting a variable degree of influence, but leaving few who attend public or secular public schools wholly untouched.

The following field report on How Gender is Being Lived in American Schools today is written by someone whose identity I have confirmed, who teaches in a Blue enclave somewhere in America, and who is indeed by all appearances the very epitome of an SJW soyboy in his appearance, mannerism, dress, and manner of speech — who just so happens to have secretly gone TERF, largely on male feminist grounds. The author, who tweets here, is also the author of a prior dispatch from the frontlines of the American educational system, and provides some much needed on-the-ground texture of what every teacher knows about what’s happening in our schools.

....most of these children are transitioning precisely because they want to roleplay as an oppressed minority, and the assumption that every social ill must always have a unique impact on LGB people in particular just feeds that obsession. If you really want to stop children from transitioning, you better start saying it’s for boring straight kids, not gay ones!

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