Harmful Phrases?

What you are about to read is one important reason for the dramatic shift in perspective taking place in the Western world. We are being told that certain language, language rooted in science and, well, language previously understood as representing REALITY is somehow harmful to those who don’t subscribed to previously understood REALITY.

Dare I say, Christian reality?

So, we ole “reality” dogs must stand down and refrain from barking. To do otherwise is to offend anyone subscribing to a new way of understanding what is real and important. For example: We must affirm every individual iteration of the human self. We are told. Or we are unloving, and perhaps worse, full of hate.

This is insane.

And it’s social suicide.

Human’s created in God’s image will not survive this assault, unless they stand in the path of this social juggernaut and say…


We are being advised by some medical professionals to:

Replace female with ‘egg-producing’ and avoid using the term ‘fitness’, woke scientists say in push to get rid of ‘harmful’ phrases

Woke scientists have called for the terms male and female to be replaced as part of a crackdown on ‘harmful terminology’ in science.

Instead, ‘sperm-producing’ and ‘egg-producing’ or ‘XY/XX individual’ should be used to avoid reinforcing ‘societally-imposed ideas of a sex binary’, researchers suggest.

Even the terms mother, father and fitness are in the firing line. 

This anti-real, anti-body (and speaking as a Christian, anti-creational) insanity is at the root of much “anti-bullying” rhetoric in the public sphere today. Which includes the so-called “safe-guarding” push in our public schools and other institutions for the purpose of protecting the “marginalized” among us.

Nevertheless, speaking scientifically. And Christianly.

I can’t imagine any language more empirically or scripturally grounded than the male – female sex binary. Without that interactive binary entire species in God’s Good Creation could not possibly exist. Yet we are now being told that we should forgo the use of such language. And presumably transcend the limitations of this “demeaning” material world of embodied humanity.

They tell us, in the name of love, the limitations of all “old-fashioned” “socially constructed” and “harmful” language must be transcended. This must be done for the sake of those who don’t subscribe to that outdated reality. “You do want to love all people, don’t you?”

Folks. Don’t fall for this. We are not truly safeguarding the healthy development of our children if we support this insane gender ideology in the name of “love.”

Love divorced from Truth is not love.


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Love Refuses To Affirm Confusion