Why Trans Kids Are Now ‘Coming Out’ As Animals

Take These And You Will Never Grow-up

It was announced last week that another gender has been added to the list: nominalgender. Most news sites reported this in the sort of proud way a zoo might announce the birth of an exciting animal, a baby Komodo dragon maybe – as if the gender had somehow hatched and was waiting to be adopted. You are nominalgender ‘if your gender is so much just you that no one else can even experience it’, I read.

A gender no one else can experience? That sounds almost appealing. I might be tempted to come out as nominalgender right here and now if it weren’t for the nasty nominal flag (a black splat on mottled pink) and the fact that the whole idea that you can ‘come out’ as a gender (as opposed to a sexuality) is destroying the minds of Generation Z.

Every day the list of possible gender options grows – metastasizes is a better word: non-binary, genderfluid, bigender, demigender, catgender. On Monday it was reported that a drag queen on the Isle of Man had informed Year 7 pupils that there are exactly 73 genders. When one brave child insisted that there were only two, the drag queen allegedly responded ‘You’ve upset me’ and sent the child out.

What the drag queen might have said, if the rude child hadn’t interrupted, is that though it’s an article of trans faith that there are 73 genders, it’s also often said that the fastest-growing gender subset is xenogender. You’re xenogender if you feel more akin to animals or plants or foods than humans. It’s funny, but it’s also frightening. 

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