“I’m In A Sexual Relationship With Airplanes”

File this one under Enabling Delusions!

A woman in Germany, who said she is in a sexual relationship with airplanes, revealed that she went on 30 mini vacations in the last year just to take to the skies with her lover.
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Her love of airplanes really took off. 

A woman in Germany has revealed she’s now “in a sexual relationship” with aircrafts — and she has taken 30 mini vacations in the last year just to share the skies with her soulmates.

Sarah Rodo, 23, claimed that after experiencing turbulence while trying to date fellow humans, she discovered true love while on her first-ever flight aboard a Boeing 737.

Rodo, who said she’s spent nearly $4,267 on model airplanes, revealed that she identifies as objectum sexual. Yes, that’s a real thing.

Also known as objectophilia, this particular love-match occurs when individuals develop strong sexual or romantic feelings for a specific inanimate object, according to a 2022 study published in the Spring Nature medical journal. 

Some academics have theorized that the condition could be linked with autism spectrum disorder.

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