How To Be A TERP

Trans-Educated Rational Parent

From Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans (PITT)

Are you one of the millions of parents that took Elon Musk’s advice and watched the Daily Wire’s What is a Woman documentary over the last couple days? Good for you! You’ve taken the first step to becoming a TERP. A TERP is something all parents should be…sad but true. Whether or not the gender religion has already captured your child, it has undoubtedly negatively impacted and influenced their lives – and yours -and there is simply no way to justify hiding your head in the sand. 

The following article was first published June 28, 2021 here on PITT and, because our site was new, it had a fairly small reach. We hope that, whether you are new to PITT or a steadfast follower of our Substack already, that you will spread the PITT stories and experiences far and wide. Let’s get the attention of the people who are suddenly realizing the extent to which gender ideology has coopted our culture and stifling free speech and upending the reality and lives of families worldwide. Knowledge is power, so let’s keep shining a light on this new fundamentalist religious cult and end it once and for all!

(Update on the author: I originally wrote this to outline what I had learned and what I had tried, based on the sage advice of Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayad, amongst others, after my teen son’s sudden trans announcement. Last year my son desisted and is now happy, healthy, and thriving. Desistance is, in fact, real—and common it turns out. I promise you, it might not feel like it to you right now (and believe me, I can relate!)—but there is hope.)

How To Be A Trans-Educated Rational Parent.

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