The Call is Coming From Inside the House

Last June I began the new emphasis on my blog, a blog devoted to celebrating God’s good creation, after reading Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

She alerted me to the fact that our children, especially our girls, are hurting. Unfortunately, the grown ups in far too many rooms are not helping.

Please watch the following disturbing and graphic video. You won’t like what you see. But you must see it. It’s a horror story that must be told. Healthy body parts are being removed from our mentally distressed young people.

Parents wake up.

The call may be coming from inside your house.


We have entered an age that features a belief in the mystical, secret knowledge of technology as a means to salvation.

Jennifer Bilek

We have to look at why this is framed as a civil rights issue when the main issues seem to be capital and social engineering.

Jennifer Bilek


As always my standard link disclaimer applies: “Links from this blog to online resources don’t necessarily mean I support everything found on these sites. Particularly in this case the broad anti-religion swipe. But as adults we should embrace viewpoint diversity. And make alliances where we can.”

Some people who are mentally ill need to know what’s real!

De-Transitioner Isaac – Confronting His Gender Therapist

In my view this may be reality’s last stand. If this undeniable fact–that biological sex is real–can be denied en masse, this means we have lost our collective tether to reality and become hostages to chaos.

Colin Wright – Evolutionary biologist


May God have mercy on us.

As a Classic Christian I encourage everyone to “Embrace, Don’t Affirm.”

Individuals with a Gender Identity Disorder (Gender-Dysphoria) need Truth-filled Love. Please read this post for more details.