Save Women’s Sport II

James Esses, a trainee therapist expelled from a university course over email launching a public petition to safeguard therapy and counseling for vulnerable children with gender dysphoria, has written a good column about the unfairness of biological men competing against biological women.

A recent ITV interview of British cyclist, Emily Bridges, a biological male competing against women, provided his motivation to write.

First, here’s the interview.

Next a few graphs from James Esses’ column.

In one of the most trailed segments of the interview, Bridges spoke of receiving abuse and threats online. This is abhorrent and unacceptable. Equally, we should be mindful of the distress that comes from gender dysphoria – a debilitating mental-health condition. However, this does not mean we should capitulate to the falsehoods of the trans movement or to its overblown rhetoric. 

Where will this misguided obsession with ‘inclusivity’ end? Will we soon find ourselves in a situation in which sports competitors can self-identify their age and adults are competing against children? Or will we face something even more bleak? There could be the potential for serious injury if biological males are entitled to take part in contact sports, such as rugby, against biological women.

Full Column Here.

Finally, a few reality shots.

In 3rd place the fastest female cyclist at Thundercrit’s Herne Hill event, proud mum Jo Smith.
Biological Males, Bridges & Chant takes 1st & 2nd place.

Emily Bridges competes on MEN’S team in Feb 2022
They win bronze medal

Guess who is not the female in this USA women’s college rowing contest.


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