‘Woman’ Dirty Word, ‘Man’ Just Fine

So says columnist Jenni Murray in her latest column at the Daily Mail. I blogged about the erasure of ‘woman’ and ‘women’ in the latest National Health Service (NHS) guidance for ovarian, womb and cervical cancer.

You can read about that here. Along with screen shots of the “before” and “after” website guidance.

Columnist Murray is exasperated, just like most of us.

Why is NHS hell-bent on erasing all mention of women?
‘People’ it appears, need to be warned of symptoms and risks of these potentially deadly conditions. ‘Anyone with ovaries can get ovarian cancer,’ says the NHS overview of the disease. ‘But it mostly affects those over 50.’ No mention of women, see.

Surprise, surprise it’s an entirely different picture if you click onto the cancers that affect only men. Take prostate cancer for example. Good grief, that part of the NHS site is positively raining men! ‘Most cases develop in men aged 50 or older,’ it says. ‘For reasons not yet understood, prostate cancer is more common in black men and less common in Asian men.’

Only ‘woman’, it seems, is ­perceived as a dirty word; ‘man’ is just fine.

Full Column Here.


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