Fail To “Affirm?” Might End Up In Court or Get Cancelled

According to ace journalist Abigail Shrier, US Child Protective Services…

has already become thoroughly politicized and weaponized by the Left. Dozens and dozens of loving parents have told me over the last two years that CPS showed up at their homes or threatened their custody or even testified against them in court, all for the sin of failing to “affirm” their minor child’s newly-announced gender identity or vetoing the kid’s immediate medical transition. 

In California, matters head from bad to worse: a new bill aspires to transform California into a “sanctuary state” for gender-swapping youth, making it possible for even a non-custodial parent to run to California to transition her child against her ex-spouse’s wishes.

Here, then, is the question: If our ultimate goal is return to a normalcy in which government agencies and corporations treat all Americans fairly regardless of viewpoint, how are we to achieve this?

To find out, Abigail says: “Welcome to the Party, Pal.” [read the whole thing].

She documents how the Ideologues have CANCELLED certain dissenting voices.

Will they come for you too?

Of course, for my Christian Brothers and Sisters, we must fight the way Jesus fought. Silencing, deplatforming, cancelling, shouting down our ideological opponents is not Christian. We must listen to what they have to say. And then speak the Truth as we understand it. Unfortunately, the more I study this issue and the forces in play, I’m led to the conclusion that the Gender Ideologues are not terribly interested in dialogue or viewpoint diversity. For them, this is a massive Power Play

This shouldn’t be a “Left” “Right” issue.

All people should shout, HALT, to ideologues experimenting on children.

So, if you disagree with the Gender Ideologues, as I do. (As do most Americans.) You need to learn about the issue, and take a stand.

I hope to help you in that effort.

Institutions of Western culture are denying biology. And real Women are suffering. Also, for all Christians, those institutions are denying the way God made us. Many political liberals not wedded to Queer Theory or Body Denialism are going to vote this upcoming election with the intent of protecting their young children.

As they should.

Yet Shrier rightfully warns (read the piece for context)….

We critics of Gender Ideology are left to wonder: When will I swipe my credit card and find my payment’s been denied? Or attempt to rent an Airbnb, only to be told my money’s no good there either?

A final warning from a High School teacher in Texas, a gay man, about the True Believers of Gender Ideology:

This point was best put to me by a high school teacher in Texas, a gay man, regularly hounded by his school administrators to teach gender ideology to his students. Here’s the remarkable thing: he doesn’t want to, doesn’t think it’s a good use of his time, and doesn’t believe encouraging his students to obsess over their sexual orientation during class is anywhere near as helpful to high school students as the material he trained to teach them. But he also doesn’t think passing a law banning gender ideology will make the slightest difference.

"I try to tell parents, if you’re considering pulling your kids out of public school—do—because you can go to as many school board meetings as you want and complain. There’s still going to be people who are going to teach whatever they want."

Read the whole thing.

Please see the following corroboration:

Is this the world we want to live in? Political Escalation may be one solution. School Choice may be another.

To my liberal readers (you know who you are) please read this comment to Shrier’s piece:

ClemenceDane I am a traditional Liberal (I guess you could call me a “1990s and earlier Liberal”) and yes, I greatly object to censorship, delisting, canceling, disinviting, removal from Amazon (and eBay and Target and Powells and Barnes and Noble etc.) of any book. I don’t want to read a Pro-Life book, but I don’t want it removed or censored. I’m still waiting for second hand copies of those “banned” Dr. Seuss books to come down low enough in price that I can afford a copy of McElligot’s Pool, my favorite Seuss book of childhood. It’s appalling that his works were removed from Amazon and libraries. It’s also appalling that the American Library Association removed Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name from the award created in her honor because a bunch of 2 dimensional thinkers screamed at them about her depictions of white settlers who were anti-Native American. Never mind that one of the women in question had seen her entire family massacred by Native Americans. Never mind that Wilder goes out of her way to show that the characters who are critical of Native Americans are less noble and tolerant than her own family, who actually hide a Native American man in their cabin when a gang of armed white men comes after him. It calls into question the integrity and legitimacy of every award they give out, including the Newberry Award. I will always support Classical Liberal values like free speech, free thought, free expression, open debate, a free press, etc. I also don’t think it is “liberal” to expose young children to drag queens. Or to free violent felons from prisons and defund the police. What on earth is Liberal about that? These are radical anarchic Leftists.

Is this the world we want to live in?


As a Classic Christian I encourage everyone to “Embrace, Don’t Affirm.”

Individuals with a Gender Identity Disorder (Gender-Dysphoria) need Truth-filled Love. Please read this post for more details.