Detransitioner TullipR’s Grim Reality

TullipR (Ritchie) has been highlighted in previous posts. Here is an extended Twitter thread explaining the consequences of his Transgender surgery. Ritchie is a 35 year old UK detransitioned man who medically transitioned at age 26 and has been on hormone replacement therapy since.

Read the whole thread here.

This is madness.

Maybe the secret is to fix the brain. Not the body.

As a Christian who believes in the doctrine of Creation, Incarnation, Bodily Resurrection, Bodily Ascension, and future bodily resurrection for believers, I could never agree with Gender Ideologues nor the bodily harm they recommend to confused people like Ritchie.

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As a Classic Christian I encourage everyone to “Embrace, Don’t Affirm.”

Individuals with a Gender Identity Disorder (Gender-Dysphoria) need Truth-filled Love. Please read this post for more details.