WPATH’s Trans-human Disembodiment Ethos

I have highlighted the very bright and quirky Eliza Mondegreen in a few posts (See Companion Posts below). She recently attended a WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health) conference and here is what she found out.

In WPATH’s latest Standard of Care (SOC8) Eunuch’s are in but Trans-racialism is still OUT. These Standards of Care are widely used by medical professionals and politicians to justify their current positions on all things Gender related.

Check out this excerpt from a Benjamin Boyce podcast interview entitled. Gender Medicine Has Gone INSANE | An Inside Investigation, with Eliza Mondegreen.


EM: Before I went to the (WPATH) conference, I was joking with a friend and I was like, you know maybe if somebody really questions me (reporters were not allowed!) I should pretend that I have like multiple personalities. And then this was a real scenario that came up in the conference. I’m not even kidding, okay. It is unparody-able, if that is a real word….there was a session at the conference on how to transition patients who claim to be trans and claim to have multiple personalities. And in particular what you do if the personalities do not agree on which steps toward transition they want to take.

BB: What do you do?

EM: Well, you know if it’s a personality system that doesn’t have too many personalities, then ideally the therapist would talk to each of them individually about their embodiment goals. But if it’s a system that has a lot of personalities and that’s just not practical. You would get like, kind of a quorum. Or you could use, there’s this app that lets the personalities communicate with each other and they could use that to communicate about transition goals. I’m not kidding. I’m not kidding.

BB: Are these people (therapists’) serious?

EM: Yeah, they were serious about this. And this is the session (at the conference) where the transracial thing came up. Because the presenters are talking in all seriousness about how you can have personalities that are you know of different ages. That have different backgrounds. That have different sexes. That have every different kind of configuration; life history, comorbid diagnoses, whatever. And there was a young woman about my age who stood up, who had like purple or blue hair or something and she was a therapist. And she was like, you know I work with a lot of these patients and some of them have like “alters” which are a different RACE and I wonder how to work with that? And they (the presenters) were so uncomfortable, they could not answer it. And so one student was like, everything goes except transracialism.

BB: “Alts” is that the word?

EM: I think that is one of them. It’s like head-mates, alters, alt,….don’t you love it? There’s an app that can help the system of head-mates to come to a decision about which irreversible medical interventions they want to get, if (the head-mates) disagree about their “embodiment goals.” (Isn’t that Transhuman?)

Our culture is in deep trouble.

These are medical professionals at a conference held by the leading Association in the world (in terms of influence), an Association designed to train professionals on the most ethical standards of care in handling today’s Gender issues. When you hear a politician, medical professional, or gender activist talk about today’s “standards of care.” 9 times out of 10 they are referring to WPATH’s SOC.

God help us.

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