First Illness Spread By Social Media? Nope!

The Atlantic Magazine recently posted an article on its website titled: The Twitching Generation.

With the caption:

Around the world, doctors have noticed teenage patients reporting the sudden onset of tics.  Is this the first illness spread by social media?

Uh…no it isn’t.

The social contagion of Transgenderism came before this one.

But you are not likely to have The Atlantic Magazine write a story about that.

For some reason, today, if a new phenomena is associated with sex or gender identity, then it will never be listed as an “illness.” That would be stigmatizing. And unloving. And perhaps illegal in some jurisdictions in the Western world. But why ”hands off” when it comes to exotic sexual or gender identities? Is that rational?

Exotic Identities having to do with sex or gender may only be accepted and affirmed. Or you will be called a bigot.

Why? Because sex, and now gender, are deemed the most identifying human attributes. You can thank Sigmund Freud and his disciples for that.

The only exception to this ”affirming-acceptance” cultural maxim is pedophilia (and perhaps bestiality). And if you think I’m being outrageously inflammatory to mention these ”last taboos” in this context, you need to read my next post! Or this older post about “Transpups.”

Here’s another quote from The Atlantic article about current teenage ”co-morbidities.” (An overlooked issue with regard to Gender-Dysphoria too.)

This fits with existing research showing that many members of Generation Z are anxious, isolated, and depressed, with body-image troubles worsened by the perfect bodies and aspirational lives they see on TikTok and Instagram. They are part of a grand social experiment, the first cohort to grow up with the internet on smartphones, the first generation whose entire lives have been shaped by the demands of social-media algorithms. Tics and twitches may be their unconscious method of saying: I want out.


This is the world we live in. And our children are hurting. Kudos to The Atlantic for running this story. Now do the same thing with our Gender-Dysphoria epidemic. Connect the dots, I dare ya.

Adults and social media ”influencers” are telling our children lies about who they are and who they can become. Exotic identity expressions which contradict God’s creational design are all the rage today. You could call it THE American Idol, except it has enveloped the Western world as well. Radical autonomy is “the spirit of the age.” You create your own destiny.

PansexualPolysexualThird gender
A few “spirit of the age” gender categories


Please read the Atlantic article and if I’ve educated you with this blog you will notice the relevant comparisons. For example:

A typical Tourette’s patient is a boy, ages 5-7. Until recently.

A typical Gender-dysphoric patient was almost always a boy, ages 3-5. Until recently.

These days teenagers suffer with problems that typically started much earlier in life. And most of them now are girls. One big difference however. Gender Therapists are fast-tracking Gender-dysphoric teens to Transition into something they are not.

Today we are witnessing an overall “affirming” environment that is “grooming” our girls and boys down the path toward exotic identity expressions. (Please read this post about our schools.) Unfortunately, unlike a tattoo or non-conforming hair and clothing styles, many of these expressions require medical intervention.  We are witnessing the medicalization of identity. And our doctors, our therapists, our technologists, our pharmaceutical representatives, who have mostly brought great good to our culture, must be asked some very demanding conflict of interest questions. We need to hold them accountable.

Because our children matter more than their bottom line. 

Planned Parenthood’s new Cross-Sex Hormone revenue stream is not purely about “liberation.” In some of our states a 16 year old girl can walk into Planned Parenthood and and receive doses of testosterone 40 times the natural female level.  Without a note from a therapist or her mother!

Stop the Madness!

The problem: Social contagion by Social Media.

Here’s just one data point from the Atlantic article:

According to TikTok, videos tagged #tourettes have been viewed more than 5 billion times.

The Twitching Generation

Watch the videos in the posts listed below to get more detail about social contagion via TikToc, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and their hordes of “influencers.” Especially, the first one. It deals with the sudden onset of Tourette’s syndrome among girls.

Parents! Concerned Citizens! Christians! Wake up!

The Atlantic article wrote about the fact that historically girls seem to be uniquely susceptible to social contagion. I mentioned this in a previous post. Please read: Our Girls 2 for more details. (Don’t shoot the messenger!)


As a Classic Christian I encourage everyone to “Embrace, Don’t Affirm.”

Individuals with a Gender Identity Disorder (Gender-Dysphoria) need Truth-filled Love. Please read this post for more details.